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  • At J&Y our refurbished computers are what you need if you are buying a starter computer for yourself or for your kids. Our desktop computers and laptops are quite affordable and truly reliable. Many people who are not very knowledgeable with computer systems tend to frown upon refurbished desktop computers and other cheap computers because they are afraid that these devices will bog down in less than two years. However, the experiences of countless customers who have invested in our PCs are proof that our refurbished computers are dependable.


    It is a common misconception to think that refurbished computers are simply old computers that are super slow and outdated. Although it is true that cheap computers use older versions of software and hardware, our models range between $400 to $700 brand new and can provide you with high powered performance, because they are equipped with the most recent software and hardware technology. In fact, the majority of  our refurbished units are from expired leases or corporate upgrades that are purchased close to those price ranges. This means that companies who want to upgrade their office systems to newer computers usually sell their desktop computers to companies like us that repair and recondition these used desktops. In some cases we even invest in refurbished laptop models.


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    A fraction of cheap computers sold as refurbished or reconditioned are units that have been returned by buyers to manufacturers for slight cosmetic blemishes, such as scratches on the surface or chipped paint. These devices are sold as refurbished after being tested because no customer would buy them as new. There are also some units that have been returned by customers because the seller or manufacturer has delivered the wrong model or color. Since the box has already been opened, they can no longer sell such desktop computers or laptops as new. This means that not all refurbished desktop computers or laptops are used PCs.

    Still, a negligible portion of reconditioned computers sold in the market comes from desktop computers or laptops that were returned because they did not work well or they had a few problems. However, you do not have to worry about buying reconditioned cheap computers because all of our desktop computers and notebooks are checked thoroughly before being sold. Parts that are not functioning properly are replaced by components that are working well. In fact, we even buy new parts to ensure ample performance of our reconditioned PC's.


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    Remember some of the most important things to look at when deciding if you want to go with a refurbished computer is the warranty. If the site you're looking at doesn't offer you a warranty, it would most likely be in your best interest to not purchase your computer from there. However when purchasing a refurbished computer from J&Y you can rest assure you'll receive an extended warranty for a certain price. Most people think they don't necessarily need an extended warranty, but you never know when something will happen to your PC making it unusable. You need to get an extended warranty, it's a must. Trust us we know. That's why were Charlotte's leading refurbished computer shop.